[CH] Maison de Bâle

This place has been on top of the to-do list for a while. Lets see if its worth the wait…


The area was once an industrial area with royal concessions given by the Prince Bishop of Basel in the 1500s. A furnace, gun factory and foundry were all operating in the area though there is no evidence of these facilities anymore. In more recent years, a Kraftwerk (powerstation) was located onsite, though this too has now closed. The house itself there is no history, but appears to be a “zweifamilienhaus” – a duplex. Calendars onsite show one portion of the house vacated around 1989, while the other side in 2009.

The Explore

I visited about a year ago when I had a random day off from work but alas I couldn’t get inside to photograph the site. Fast forward to today and we managed to get in photograph things. The house is almost pristine, with all the furniture intact and, a rarity these days, no vandalism! One of my favourite sites so far and long may it last!

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  1. Hello, I am an Urbexer from Basel but I have never heard of this place. Would you tell me where that is? Can also swap a place with you if you want.

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