[CH] Papierfabrik Z


A rare thing in Switzerland, an abandoned building! This location is a paper factory located in a small village in Switzerland. Located on the grounds of the village Schloss (castle), the factory was built in 1913, after which the company expanded and retracted during various market upheavals such as a few world wars and poor management choices. In 1994, the company closed but was bailed out by the Germans and continued trading until 2004. At this point, competition from Asia meant the factory was no longer competitive and the factory shut its doors permanently. Since then, the factory has been proposed for use by a local art society but the funds required to do so have yet to be raised. If the funds are not found, the buildings will be demolished.

The explore
After travelling through what felt like miles of tunnels and even a section of 2 feet deep stagnant water, we were inside the factory. All in all, it was a bit disappointing, with all the equipment long since removed and thousands of square metres of bare concrete. The old boiler room, however, had not been touched. Here, vintage boilers, aged by the exterior tiles and materials, add some character to the equipment. An old dormitory, perhaps for workers on shift, was also located underground but apart from that, there wasn’t much left that was photogenic.

The photos

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