[DEU] Klinik Hohenrodt


Set on a 3.9 Hectare (10 acre) plot of land in the Schwarzwald, this abandoned klinik now lies in ruins and awaits demolition. Built between 1912-14, it served as a covalenscent home for employees of the Breuninger textiles company until 1953, where it was bought by German insurance and pensions group LVA as a sanatorium for patients with lung problems. Closed in 1998 along with a lot of other health kliniks in the Black forest, the estate was bought by the local community, who have been looking for a buyer ever since (there were rumours that the Church of Scientology may even take over the site), with a minimum offer price of 120000€. After celebrating the centenary of the building in 2014, the local gemeinde (council) approved demolition works on the site, with the outer buildings demolished in January 2015. The main building will also be demolished sometime in the future.
The explore
Having parked the car, we walked passed a 35meter observation tower at the edge of the forest, filled with families overlooking the vacant sanatorium. We walked through the forest for a few hundred metres further before arriving at the main building. Access was simple, largely due to the local teenage population having smashed anything made of glass, and so we made our way around. The building was stripped of anything of character or value, with the upper three floors of empty rooms left derelict and devoid of any hint as to what may have been there before. The bottom level held the kitchens and health spa, which still retained enough features to make the explore interesting.

The photos

Hohenrodt c1950s. (Source: www.neckar-chronik.de)
Dining area

The top three floors were all like this one



Spa area
What’s left of mini golf


  1. WOW – gibts davon echt noch Fotos,ist verdamp lang her – 85
    Schade dass vom unteren Wirtschaftsgebäude von innen keine Aufnahmen dabei sind.
    thank you.

  2. It‘s about 55 years ago that I was often in all of these buildings when I was still a grammar school pupil. The father of a very good friend and class-mate of mine was the head doctor of this sanatorium, later spa clinic. We often used the master key and so we were able to enter whichever room we wanted. So I remember the chemical laboratory, the table tennis room, the bathing department and the room of the DeTeWe telephone exchange system, an analoguous system, which found my utmost interest. We played Boccia in the outer terrain. My heart is bleeding when I now see all of these devastated premises.

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