[FRA] Chateau Lumiere


The former home of a tobacco tycoon, this fantastic house located in a small town in Alsace has been abandoned for 60+ years but is in remarkably good condition. The Chateau first appeared on the Urbex scene around 2012, but since then this location is unfortunately becoming well known, so graffiti and vandalism – in particular an old mirror in the foyer has been smashed – are starting to creep into the location. That said, some signage inside indicates that some French urbexers are trying to keep the place well looked after – here’s hoping they succeed.

The photos


You have been warned…!

Peering into the foyer – stunning!





Ground floor rooms

First floor landing

Marble bathroom

(L) Polite notice to respect the venue, (R) Looking down

Upstairs bathroom

On the way out

Citroen has seen better days

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