[FRA] Hotels unexplored

Sometimes, you do an explore and it doesn’t work out. A revisit to Cyclonkessel found the entrance barricaded and the stairs removed. Another was a hot tip on an abandoned rail station that was used as storage and locked up tight. another was an abandoned hotel – but only in the winter…!

On this occasion, two of the hotels we visited we didn’t enter. The first was due to the strong smell of weed coming from the building, the second due to the entrance being locked up tight. Still, what we could see generated some nice photos.

Hotel B

This hotel was wide open but with the smell of dope coming from the windows, all we had was a shot from the window.


Hotel BV

The write up on this showed promise. Untouched hotel, fully furnished – sounded great. But the caretaker, who ever that was, was aware of the urbex scene and barricaded the entrance tight. Only shot is from a small demountable room to one side, but still managed to get something photographic from it.


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