[IT] Green Hospital

The History

The facility was built in in the 1970s by an Italian company, who built this large building complex as a vacation resort for children (employees only) for one and a half billion Italian lira (the equivalent of 15.2 million Euro in 2022). The resort has a total area of 13.000 square meters and up to 230 children could be accommodated at the same time.

Building began in 1970 and comlpeted in 1974, with the first guests visiting in 1975. While the children were housed in the big main building, the parents were living in the hotel next door. The summer camp had a huge influence on the region’s economy. For the three hot months in the year when the facility was operated, around 60 new seasonal workers needed to be found every year. After the season they were dismissed and the job market was overcrowded. And so it went on and on for around 20 years.

The condition of the buildings deteriorated over time and gradually became unfit for purpose of the employees. In 1997, a girl fell of a wall while playing and became unconscious. Despite the big hospital ward available, th facilities were insufficnet and she needed to be transported to the nearest clinic by a rescue helicopter. The facility was closed permanently in the very same year.

At present, the property situation isn’t clear. The Italian company, which has been running the place for 20 years, was abolished for good in 2010. Like most urbex sites, there are plans and calls for a renewal project but bureaucracy will ultimately lead to this site being demolished.

Ref: Derelict places

The Explore

Walking onto the site, the first thing I did was stop on a loose tile covering a drain and injure my leg, though not seriously (I do have a cool scar though) . The site is mostly vandalised with heavy influence of airsofters and plastic pellets littering the site. The dormitories are a bit samey, but the clinic section was in surprisingly good condition.

The Photos

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