[IT] Green Hospital

7th July 2022 dennis 0

The History The facility was built in in the 1970s by an Italian company, who built this large building complex as a vacation resort for […]

[IT] Villa Sbt

7th July 2022 dennis 0

The History The villa was built by a wealthy Italian merchant in the early 19th century and is part of a healthcare facility set up […]

[CH] Restaurant

4th August 2021 dennis 0

The History Can’t find out too much on this place. The restaurant appears to have been closed sometime around 2004-2006, based on servicing stickers on […]

[CH] Stockhouse

4th August 2021 dennis 0

History Not much on this one. Part of a site of a well known Swiss Logistics company that moved it’s offices to another town in […]

[BE] Agnus Dei

18th April 2021 dennis 0

History The following text was sourced from urbex.nl. Click through to see the difference 12 years makes to a location. ‘Couvent de Gensterbloem’ is an […]

[DE] Hotel Hirsch

10th March 2021 dennis 0

History This quaint hotel was originally run by two sisters – one was an artist while the other ran the hotel. Both died around the […]

[DE] Fabrik Bubbly

10th March 2021 dennis 0

History Can’t find out too much online. The factory appears to have been part of a larger company in the region and was possibly built […]

[CH] Swiss Rail

10th November 2019 dennis 3

The Explore Not really urbex per se, but a quick scout through an abandoned locomotive next to an active train line. Edit: I’ve had several […]

[CH] Jewish School

10th November 2019 dennis 0

History The background was impossible to find out any information about. Located near a major Swiss city, the Jewish school was closed in 2015 with […]

[IT] Oculus Tower

14th June 2019 dennis 0

The History In 1935, an alcohol manufacturing company obtained from the Italian government the permission to set up a chemical plant, after which a special […]