[BEL] Dépôt de sable


Situated next to a well known industrial urbex site in Belgium, this site is an abandoned factory that once recycled the waste powders and sand from the steel or glass industry, carbonaceous wastes from the manufacture of electrodes and carbon electrode of waste from the steel industry. Not much history available, with the only information being that the company changed names in 2010 and was the source of several hundred complaints due to excessive noise and dust over the nearby residential areas, which is probably the reason for the sites closure. With ongoing legal action regarding clean up of the site, the factory will be likely be around for the foreseeable future.

The explore

After gaining access to the site, very quickly we realised it was a MASSIVE site, and we could spend hours here. A large shed contained a lot of waste powders and sand, along with damaged vehicles like bulldozers and trucks with most looking like they have been involved in an accident at some point. Another building contained yet more sand and housed former office space at some point. The final building contained a few furnaces and yet more bags of sand. All in all, a very dirty but interesting explore.

The photos

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