[FR] Hotel BV

Revisit to a previous site, this time we were lucky to visit properly.

The History

Try as I might, Google draws a blank…

The Explore

Last site to visit for resting for the day, we revisited the one site of a near by town that had thwarted us a few years a previously (see http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/fra-hotels-unexplored/). On the second attempt, the local teenagers had created an easy entrance and so this time photography was possible. Alas, the images from a few years ago were a reminder of how things used to be, as in 2018 the site was largely trashed. As for that cat… I can’t imagine what sort of horrible end it had! Unusually for me, even though I brought my tripod, I went around hand held for this one as by that stage I think I was tired and the thought of HDR processing was a bridge too far!

The Photos

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