[FR] Manoir Tipografico

Location #4  of 4 visited on this day. This was high on my list of places to see but as usual, by the time we visited, it had deteriorated rapidly with fixtures smashed and various paperwork thrown all around the place. Bumped into another French explorer on site (hi Exosius!), giving this location a minor bump on the tourism scale.

The History

Brief amount of history I could find was that this manor house belonged to a local financier, who died in the mid 2000s and whom passed the estate to his wife. She passed away a few years later and the property has been for sale ever since. The name of the location evidently comes from the thousands of “chic lit” novels spread all over the house – the financiers wife evidently enjoyed quite a bit of the french equivalent of Mills & Boon 😉

The Photos

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