[US] Henning Motel

So after months of planning, I was in Palmdale, California, planning to visit several urbex locations in a 48 hour period. Thanks to jet-lag, I was up at 2am and wide awake, so after getting my gear sorted, I began the 2 hour drive to the first location – the Henning Hotel. As it turns out, Google maps isn’t the most up to date and the hotel was demolished some time in 2015, leaving nothing but the old Motel sign next to the road, advertising free TV but there was none to be found.

Not much history to be found other than the “town” that used to be here died in the 1970s, after the Interstate I40 opened up just a few hundred metres away, bypassing the hotel, gas stations and cafes along this and other stretches of Route 66. Next door to the hotel is the Bagdad Cafe (formerly the Sidewinder Cafe), featuring in the 1987 film of the same name starring Jack Planance and C.C.H. Pounder. The Cafe is still open if you need a decent burger or milkshake.

Onwards to the next location…

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