[FR] Chateau IBM

3rd March 2018 dennis 0

An abandoned chateau filled with vintage computers and cars. What’s not to like?! History Built in the 18th century, the Chateau once housed a famous […]

[CH] Bau 74

27th October 2017 dennis 0

History Designed and built by Preiswerk of Basel in 1974, Bau 74 was the first building of Hoffman-La Roche to deviate from the Bauhaus style […]

[US] Granja de Pollos

23rd April 2017 dennis 0

Last stop on the itinerary before I pack the urbex gear away again. Will this site finally be any good? The Explore In short: not […]

[US] In Urbex We Truss

23rd April 2017 dennis 0

Again, no history on this place, no matter how hard I looked. Google states that the company, Inland Truss, was at this address but no […]

[FR] Maison Cigarette

15th October 2016 dennis 0

No information on this place. The building is an odd mix of business and pleasure, with offices on the top floor and residential on the […]

[FR] Villa BF

15th October 2016 dennis 0

Located in a sleepy town in eastern France, this derelict house was somewhat difficult to get to, having climbed down a forested hill in the […]

[BEL] Le Bureau d’Etude C

23rd April 2016 dennis 0

A former engineering firm who specialised in the manufacture and design of boilers and furnaces. The site originally contained a manufacturing facility, which has long […]

[BEL] Dépôt de sable

23rd April 2016 dennis 0

Situated next to a well known industrial urbex site in Belgium, this site is an abandoned factory that once recycled the waste powders and sand […]