[IT] Villa Sbt

The History

The villa was built by a wealthy Italian merchant in the early 19th century and is part of a healthcare facility set up for his son, who was diagnosed with a mental illness. The facilty housed a centre of psychiatry, and after the death of the merchant in the 1860s, who willed his fortune to the facility, it expanded to the site that it is today. In WW2, the Germans occupied the facility and turned it into a prison for political prisoners, afterwhich the facility fell into the hands of the Italian government after the war. After the health care reforms in the 1980s, the facility became abandoned.

The Explore

Finding an entrance was quite difficult and it took about 30 mins to locate a suitable point. Much walking later up the hill, the villa was available to visit. Sadly, the classrooms showed in earlier photos has been removed or destroyed and the villa is now smashed and graffited. Of the complex nearby, only one building was accessable and it too, was mostly vandalised.

The Photos

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