[FR] Papeterie M, Secteur F

Another paper factory in eastern France, but this time we were shot at!

Located a few kilometres away from Papeterie M, yet another paper mill sits abandoned. Founded in 1861, the history of this company is a bit vague, with no history found until 2011, where the company was liquidated and the equipment sold to a Canadian company in the same year. In 2014, the security company that monitored the site blockaded the papeterie due to unpaid bills by the owners, totalling almost €100k. Since then, security and equipment have been absent, and the fate of the site is currently unknown.

The explore
In retrospect, we were a lot more cautious gaining entry than we should have been due to its open location, because once inside we met with competing French weekend warriors trying to shoot each other (and on a few occasions, at us too) with airsoft weapons. While we were a little concerned about the police visiting – France has had its own problems recently and reports of armed men would surely bring the gendarmes –  we wandered about what was largely an empty site. Some office spaces which were in good condition 6 months ago (based on line photos0 were now trashed and the site was in some ways a bit of a disappointment.

The Photos

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