[CH] Sanatorium C

The History

Built in 1903, the building started out as a Tuberculosis clinic, fashionable at the time in this area due to the “clean air”. In the 1940s, antibiotics became more readily available and as such Tuberculosis sufferers were treated with drugs and not mountain air, causing a lot of sanatoriums in Switzerland to close around this period.

Tuberculosis patients at the Sanatorium circa 1920

The building was converted to a Club Med ski resort in 1957, and based on the lack of information I could find after this, can only assume it stayed this way until the building closure in 2002.

There was talk in 2015 to convert the building to a Spa hotel but as nothing has been started, and the building slides further into decay, I doubt this will eventuate.

The Explore

A brief side trip while on the way to another non-urbex location, I stopped by hoping to check it out. Access was a little difficult through snow up to 50cm deep in places, while trying to avoid prying eyes and barking dogs, but eventually I was able to visit. Inside is mostly trashed and water has gotten into the building in a big way, causing all sorts of damage. Mostly, the building is empty though the basement still held some old industrial cooking equipment which made for some great photos.

The Photos

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