[DE] Klinik High Water

Located in a sleepy town bordering the Black Forest, Klinik High Water sits abandoned next to active clinics teeming with patients and visitors. Just as well we visited outside the approved visiting hours then šŸ˜‰


The main building was built at the beginning of the 19th century by the Grand Duke of Luise, Baden, who financed it with generous donations. In 1906 the inauguration of the “Children’s Bath of the Badische Frauenverein” took place. The initial capacity of 120 patients was rapidly increased to over 300 beds due to the enormous demand. And even that was not enough.

To cure both the body and mindĀ of the children, spring and summer festivals were organised from the beginning. They gave the children variety and entertainment. Costumes and accessories were tailor-made, theater plays and musical performances were rehearsed for weeks.

In world war 2, the klinikĀ had to be closed temporarily, in order to be able to treat soldiers there. By October 1949, the klinikĀ was released by the military, so that the patients could move in again and the klinik continued up until 2004, after which the klinik was closed.

Currently, an investor is interested in the property, with plans for a four-star health hotel from the historical building. Its concept envisages a substantial preservation of the protected property, but for now the building lies derelict in the German countryside.

The Explore

Leaving early, as usual, we arrived to find a somewhat cold and empty klinik. After entering, we looked about and was disappointed that the building was largely empty and mostly trashed but thieves steeling copper wires from the walls and ceilings. That said, I like urbex as much for the architecture and there was a great deal of it about without furniture cluttering things up, making for some nice photos.

The Photos

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