[FR] Villa BF

Located in a sleepy town in eastern France, this derelict house was somewhat difficult to get to, having climbed down a forested hill in the dark to reach it. Alas, it was all in vain. Due to vandalism, the building had been bricked up and was impossible to enter so the mysteries inside will remain there for another day.


Built in 1863, the building began as a Chateau for a rich industrialist in the town. In 1891, the chateau caught fire and had to be rebuilt. At some point, the building was converted to a boarding school and operated until World War 2, during which student numbers reduced and the school ended up closing. After the war, the building became a sanatorium until 1961 and finally a canteen of a local company. The canteen closed in 2006 and local residents have been fighting to restore the building to its former glory ever since. In 2015, it was acquired by the local council, so the building may yet be restored to its former glory.


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