[US] Snoopy and Friends

Imagine my delight when I was searching for abandoned sites in teh Mojave when I discover a whole, real life B-52 bomber sitting derelict in the desert, waiting for me to photograph it. Imagine my annoyance, when I discover that the internet failed to mention that the planes reside on the grounds of Edwards Air Force base and that entry is restricted. D’oh.

Barely viewable from the road were two B-52 Stratofortress aircraft (also called BUFFs, for Big Ugly Fat F…, well, you can guess the rest), while a short way away was a B-58 Snoopy, sitting regally on a set of stilts. An F-101 Voodoo and a B-49 are also scattered around the desert here, but I couldn’t see them from the road.¬†All the aircraft are here to serve as props for air reconnaissance training by the USAF to calibrate cameras and practice aerial photography¬†by the fly-boys. But if you want to get up close to take a photo yourself, the best way is to join the US Air Force first!

Image: (C) Google Earth 2017

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