[FR] Chateau Banana

A mystery villa in the French country side, named after a tropical fruit. That isn’t the only contradiction we saw today at Chateau Banana!

The History

Nothing that could be found on the internet with my limited French speaking capabilities.

The explore

Driving for two hours into the Vosges, we only just had enough time to wander about the Chateau before heading back home again. The house opposite, we discovered, had several large dogs that barked whenever we got close so we cut through the forest, finding a path beaten into the hill by other explorers. One of our members was bitten by a tick, so watch out! We arrived eventually, scratched from blackberries and other trees, but there nonetheless. Inside the house is a paradox, with some rooms set up almost picture perfect like some kind of movie set; others had so much junk thrown in it was almost impossible to get through it. Some signs of vandalism already sadly, even though this has only been on the urbex scene for perhaps 6 months. As for Cheateau Banana? See the photo below of the room full of banana boxes!

The Photos


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