[BEL] Chateau Miranda / Maison de Noisy

Chateau Miranda


Again, another site under threat of demolition. I got here late after trying to find an entrance, then getting lost in the forest getting there. An hour after parking the car, I was at the Chateau, soaking wet from the rain but glad I had finally made it! Sadly, due to the time, I only had about 40 mins to mooch around before it got dark, but I’m glad that I saw what I did.

Full history here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miranda_Castle

Found this bridge by accident in the forest.

A welcome site after an hour in the rain

The Foyer is amazing, even in decay

The other rooms are amazing also

Parts appeared to have been victims of arson

Watch your step!

View from the top of the fire escape [​IMG]


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