[US] In Urbex We Truss

Again, no history on this place, no matter how hard I looked. Google states that the company, Inland Truss, was at this address but no details on when it opened or closed.

The Explore

Third location while heading northwest out of the Mojave. The site is in the middle of nowhere, next to a wrecking yard that had shipping containers as a fence. Pulling up in what was once the car park, I wandered about the two temporary looking buildings that served as office space – both of which were horrifically trashed. Oddly, the temporary buildings were the only permanent feature. The factory that once built the housing trusses had long been demolished, with only a loading area and a broad concrete foundation remaining. After 10 minutes poking about, I’d seen all I had seen and departed. As I drove past the site again on the Interstate, I noticed two guys poking around the site, one of whom gesticulated in my general direction. I couldn’t tell if it was a wave or the finger, so I put the foot down headed to the next location.

The Photos

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