[US] Nowheresville

The satnav said that I should take a left onto 100th Street West. Looking left, there wasn’t a 100th Street West. This could be an interesting trip…

The Explore

The site was listed on a blog and to be fair, the photos there give the site more credit than it deserves. To start with, 100th Street West is a dirt road, that an SUV would have eaten up without a worry. Problem: I was in a low slung Mustang convertible, which made sense when I hired it but less so at this moment. Eventually I made it to the site, scratching the underneath of the car on many bumps (thank you $0 insurance excess 🙂 ) down Champagne Road, yet another path that had never seen tarmac. The site itself was completely gutted, with whatever fittings left behind removed on to the grass and torched. Sadly, this is one of those sites that took more effort to visit than the visit itself.

The Photos

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